The Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Brian Jonestown Massacre

The Brian Jonestown Massacre is an American psychedelic rock band formed in San Francisco in 1990 by frontman Anton Newcombe. The band is named after the infamous Rolling Stones member Brian Jones and the tragic Jonestown Massacre. Their music draws from a variety of influences including 1960s psychedelic rock, shoegaze, and garage rock.

Early Years and Music Style

The Brian Jonestown Massacre was formed in 1990 and released their debut album “Methodrone” in 1995. Their music is famous for its dreamy, atmospheric soundscapes. These are created through the use of instruments such as sitars, organs, and tambourines, and by incorporating elements of Eastern music. Their style has been compared to that of the Velvet Underground, the 13th Floor Elevators, and The Byrds.

Anton Newcombe’s Unique Leadership Style

Anton Newcombe, the band’s founder and frontman, is known for his unique leadership style. He has been described as mercurial and controlling. And the band’s line-up has been known to change frequently due to his unpredictable behavior. Despite this, Newcombe has remained the driving force behind the band’s music and creativity.

Album Releases and Notable Achievements

The band has released a number of critically acclaimed albums over the years, including “Take It from the Man!” (1996), “Bravery, Repetition and Noise” (2001), and “Revelation” (2014). The band is also famous for their documentary “Dig.” This documentary chronicles their turbulent relationship with the Dandy Warhols, another indie rock band from Portland, Oregon.

In 2021, the band released their latest album, “Don’t Get Lost in Heaven,” which features a mix of psychedelic rock and electronic music. They have also continued to tour extensively, both in the United States and internationally.


The Brian Jonestown Massacre is a band that has gained a loyal following due to their unique blend of psychedelic rock and dreamy soundscapes. Despite the challenges presented by Anton Newcombe’s leadership style, the band has continued to produce critically acclaimed music and remains an important part of the indie rock scene.

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