The Fellas podcast
The Fellas podcast

The Fellas Podcast is a popular podcast hosted by two UK YouTubers, The Burnt Chip and Calfreezy. In this SEO optimized content, we will dive into the details of the podcast, its hosts, and some of the guests who have featured on the show.

Hosts of The Fellas Podcast

The Burnt Chip, whose real name is Josh Larkin, and Calfreezy, born Callum Leighton Airey, are the hosts of The Fellas Podcast. Both are popular YouTubers who have amassed a huge following on their respective channels. Following their success on YouTube, the podcast exclusively launched on Spotify, and has since garnered a dedicated following.

Format and Guests of the Podcast

The podcast covers a variety of topics, from current events and pop culture to interviews with popular internet stars. Additionally, each episode is engaging and features guests who have millions of subscribers on YouTube and their own podcasts. Notable guests include LazarBeam, a popular Australian YouTuber who talks about his success in growing his Minecraft channel, and KSI, a friend of the podcast team who shares insights on his thoughts about Andrew Tate and why Jake Paul paid off Alex Wasabi, a would-be boxing contender.

Furthermore, listeners can expect a fun and entertaining podcast that covers a range of topics, making it appealing to a wide audience.

Why The Fellas Podcast is Worth Listening To

The Fellas Podcast is a great option for those who enjoy listening to podcasts hosted by popular YouTubers. The hosts are well-known in the UK YouTube space and have a large following, which has helped to attract a significant audience to the podcast. The engaging format and interesting guests make it an entertaining listen for anyone who enjoys podcasts that cover a variety of topics.


In conclusion, The Fellas Podcast is a popular and entertaining podcast that is worth checking out. With its engaging format and notable guests, it offers a unique perspective on current events, pop culture, and internet stars, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in these topics.

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