The Flat Earth Society
The Flat Earth Society

The Flat Earth Society is a group that promotes the belief that the Earth is flat rather than spherical. The society claims that there is a worldwide conspiracy to suppress the truth that the Earth is flat. They also believe that evidence to the contrary, such as photographs of the Earth from space, are fabrications or misinterpretations. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at The Flat Earth Society, their beliefs, and why they are not supported by science.

Beliefs of The Flat Earth Society

The group believes that the Earth is a flat disk, with the North Pole at the center and Antarctica forming a rim around the edge. They claim that the Sun, Moon, and stars are all relatively close to the Earth. They also claim that their movements can be explained by their rotation around the North Pole. The group also believes that gravity is an illusion. They believe that objects are simply pushed down by a force called “dark energy”.

Why The Flat Earth Society’s Beliefs are Wrong

The Flat Earth Society’s beliefs are not supported by scientific evidence. Numerous scientific experiments and observations confirm that the Earth is indeed an oblate spheroid. For example, ships disappear over the horizon as they sail away from shore, and the shadow of the Earth on the Moon during a lunar eclipse is always curved. The existence of gravity, which can be observed and measured, is also evidence against The Flat Earth Society’s claims.


In conclusion, The Flat Earth Society’s belief that the Earth is flat is not supported by scientific evidence. While they may claim that there is a conspiracy to suppress the truth, the overwhelming majority of scientists agree that the Earth is an oblate spheroid. As we continue to learn more about our planet and the universe around us, it’s important to rely on scientific evidence rather than unfounded beliefs.

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