The Streamer Awards
The Streamer Awards

Celebrating the Best in Live Streaming

The Streamer Awards is an annual awards show that honors the best live streamers in the industry. Founded in 2022 by popular Twitch streamer QTCinderella, the event aims to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of live streamers to the world of gaming, entertainment, and social media.

Inaugural Ceremony

The first-ever Streamer Awards ceremony took place on March 12, 2022, at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. Moreover, the event featured 27 categories, including Best Streamer, Best Streamer Duo/Trio, and Best Streamer Moment. A panel of judges presented the awards, which were decided by a combination of fan votes and expert opinions.

Hosts and Viewership

Streamer QTCinderella and fellow Twitch streamer Maya Higa served as the hosts for the inaugural ceremony. Additionally, Twitch broadcasted the event live. It drew an impressive 381,436 concurrent viewers at its peak, making it one of the most-watched broadcasts in Twitch history.


The Streamer Awards have quickly become a highly anticipated event in the live streaming community, with fans and industry insiders alike eagerly anticipating each year’s ceremony. Additionally, the awards serve as a platform to showcase the hard work, dedication, and creativity of live streamers. And they play a vital role in elevating the profile of live streaming as a legitimate and respected form of entertainment.


In conclusion, the Streamer Awards have quickly established themselves as a premier event in the live streaming industry, honoring the best and brightest stars in the world of gaming and entertainment. With its unique blend of fan engagement, expert opinion, and high-profile awards ceremony, the Streamer Awards will likely remain a fixture in the live streaming calendar for years to come.

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