Tom Pemberton
Tom Pemberton

Tom Pemberton is an English YouTube star and farmer who rose to fame for posting vlogs about his life on the farm. He was born on June 9, 1992, in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, England. Pemberton’s family has been in the farming business for generations. His grandfather and great-uncles started dairy farming in Lytham in 1950, and Tom’s father, Andrew, is also a farmer.

Early Years and Education

At the age of 16, while on holiday in Portugal, Tom decided to pursue farming upon his return to England. Despite his father’s initial opposition to the idea, Tom did not give up on his dream. He attended King Edward VII and Queen Mary School in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, where he excelled in mathematics. However, as he was dyslexic, he struggled with writing.

Tom then enrolled at the Royal Agricultural University in England in 2010 to study Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, and Related Sciences. However, he dropped out in 2012 to focus on farming full-time.

The Start of his YouTube Career

In 2013, Tom returned to his family’s farm and worked under Paul Corman, the then-farm manager of Pembertons Farm. During this time, he learned a lot about farming, especially milking. He became a full-time farmer in 2013 and started producing YouTube videos in 2016.

His first YouTube video was a quick guide on how to use a raw milk vending machine on the family farm. Although the video didn’t receive many views on YouTube, it gained over 11,000 views on Facebook, which encouraged Tom to continue making videos.

Tom’s YouTube channel now has over 500,000 subscribers, and he posts vlogs about his life on the farm, as well as pictures of his family and friends on his Instagram page, which has over 120,000 followers. He has worked with talent agency United Agents.

Pembertons Farm Shop

Tom and his family own about 120 acres of land and also rent additional acres of land. In 2017, Tom opened Pembertons Farm Shop & Dairy on Birks Farm, Ballam Road, Lytham. The shop sells milk, cheese, and other dairy products, as well as produce grown on the farm.

Personal Life

Tom Pemberton is married to Joanna May, whom he started dating in 2021, and they got married in July of the same year. They have a dog named Moon.


Tom Pemberton’s passion for farming has made him a successful YouTube star and entrepreneur. His YouTube channel provides an insight into the farming industry, and his farm shop offers high-quality, locally sourced produce. Tom’s dedication and hard work are a testament to the success that can come from following one’s dreams.

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