The Baltimore Punk Rock Sensation

Turnstile is a punk rock band formed in Baltimore, Maryland in 2010. The band is composed of Brendan Yates (vocals), Franz Lyons (bass), Brady Ebert (guitar), Pat McCrory (drums), and Sean Cullen (guitar). They have gained a reputation for their energetic live performances and unique sound that incorporates elements of punk, hardcore, and post-punk.

Early Years and Rise to Fame

Turnstile released their debut album, “Nonstop Feeling,” in 2015. It received critical acclaim and helped them gain a following in the punk rock community. They followed this up with “Time & Space” in 2018, which showcased their growth as a band and received even more critical praise. The album also helped the band expand their fanbase beyond the punk rock scene.

Musical Style and Influences

Turnstile blends punk, hardcore, and post-punk to create a unique sound characterized by high energy and catchy hooks. Their sound draws inspiration from a wide range of musical influences, including New Order, Bad Brains, and Beastie Boys, among others. Moreover, critics and fans alike have described Turnstile’s music as “an innovative and refreshing take on punk rock”.

Live Performances and Fanbase

Turnstile is famous for their energetic and interactive live performances, which often include crowd surfing and mosh pits. Their shows are a celebration of the punk rock spirit and have helped them gain a dedicated fanbase around the world. They have toured extensively throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. In addition they have shared the stage with bands such as The Story So Far, Citizen, and Code Orange.


Turnstile is a unique and innovative punk rock band that has gained a reputation for their energetic live performances and catchy music. Their blend of punk, hardcore, and post-punk has helped them expand their fanbase beyond the punk rock scene. It has earned them critical acclaim from music critics. With their growing popularity and unique sound, Turnstile is sure to continue making waves in the punk rock world for years to come.

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