TV Girl
TV Girl

TV Girl is an indie pop band from Los Angeles, California, known for their unique sound that blends vintage samples with dreamy, lo-fi instrumentation. In this article, we’ll explore the band’s origins, their music, and their rise to success.

Origins and Formation

TV Girl was formed in 2010 by Brad Petering and Trung Ngo, two high school friends who bonded over a shared love of music. The duo started making music together, drawing inspiration from classic pop songs and adding their own unique twist. They began releasing music online, and quickly gained a following thanks to their catchy melodies and charmingly lo-fi sound.

Musical Style

TV Girl’s distinctive blend of vintage samples, dreamy instrumentation, and witty lyrics characterizes their music. Their songs are often built around samples from classic pop songs, which they manipulate and loop to create new melodies and textures. The result is a sound that feels both nostalgic and fresh, drawing on the past while pushing forward into new territory.

Career Highlights

Since their formation, TV Girl has released a string of critically acclaimed albums and EPs, including their debut album “French Exit” in 2014 and the EP “Who Really Cares” in 2016. The band has also toured extensively, playing shows across the United States and Europe, and has developed a dedicated fanbase thanks to their unique sound and engaging live performances.

In recent years, TV Girl has continued to push the boundaries of their sound, experimenting with new techniques and exploring new sonic territory. Their most recent album, “The Night in Question: French Exit Outtakes,” is a collection of outtakes from their debut album, showcasing the band’s creative process and offering a behind-the-scenes look at their unique approach to music-making.


TV Girl is an indie pop band with a distinct sound that draws on classic pop songs, vintage samples, and dreamy instrumentation. Their music has won them critical acclaim and a dedicated following, and they continue to push the boundaries of their sound with each new release. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to their music, TV Girl is definitely a band to watch in the indie music scene.

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