Unus Annus
Unus Annus

Unus Annus was a popular YouTube channel that ran for exactly one year, from November 2019 to November 2020. The channel was created by Mark Fischbach, also known as Markiplier, and Ethan Nestor, also known as CrankGameplays. The name “Unus Annus” is Latin for “one year.” It was meant to signify the temporary nature of the channel.

Concept and Content

The concept of Unus Annus was unique and intriguing – Mark and Ethan set out to create a channel that would explore various topics and activities. However with a catch: everything they did would be deleted and erased at the end of the year. The channel featured a wide variety of content, including challenges, experiments, games, and even a music video. Some of the most popular videos on the channel were the “death challenges,” where Mark and Ethan would compete to see who could endure a particular challenge for the longest time before “dying.”

In addition to their entertaining content, Mark and Ethan also used Unus Annus as a platform to promote mental health awareness and raise money for charity. They released a limited edition clothing line and donated all proceeds to various mental health organizations. They also hosted a 12-hour livestream on the final day of the channel’s existence, where they raised over $1.3 million for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


Despite the channel’s deliberate erasure, Unus Annus left a lasting impact on its fans and the YouTube community. The channel amassed over 4.7 million subscribers. Millions of people have viewed its videos. The idea of creating content with an expiration date challenged the conventional notion of online content creation, and inspired others to think outside the box. The channel’s success also demonstrated the power of authenticity and vulnerability in content creation, as Mark and Ethan were unafraid to be themselves and tackle difficult topics.


Unus Annus may have only existed for one year, but its impact will last for years to come.

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