A Rising Indie Rock Band Taking the Music Industry by Storm

Forming Wallows

Wallows is an American indie rock band formed in 2017 in Los Angeles, California. The band consists of three members: Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston. Their unique sound, which combines elements of indie, pop, and rock music, has garnered them a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

Recognition and Success

The band first gained recognition with their debut single “Pleaser” in 2017, which was followed by their debut EP, “Spring,” in 2018. Since then, they have released several successful singles and two full-length albums, “Nothing Happens” in 2019 and “Remote” in 2021. Critics have praised their music for its catchy melodies, relatable lyrics, and diverse instrumentation.

Active Social Media Presence

Wallows’ success is due in part to their strong presence on social media, where they have amassed a large following across various platforms. Their active engagement with fans and frequent updates on their music and personal lives have helped to create a loyal and dedicated fan base.

Dynamic Live Performances

The band’s live performances are also a major draw for fans, with their energetic and engaging stage presence. They have toured extensively in the United States and Europe, performing at various music festivals and selling out shows across the globe.

Members’ Acting Careers

In addition to their musical pursuits, the members of Wallows have also made a name for themselves in the acting world. Dylan Minnette is famous for his roles in popular TV shows and films. Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston have also had successful acting careers.


In conclusion, Wallows is a rising indie rock band with a unique sound, relatable lyrics, and catchy melodies. That’s the reason why they have won over fans and critics alike. Their active engagement with fans, dynamic live performances, and diverse musical influences have set them apart from other bands in the genre. With a bright future ahead of them, Wallows is a band to watch in the music industry.


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