Waystar Royco
Waystar Royco

The Fictional Media Conglomerate at the Heart of “Succession”

If you’re a fan of the hit HBO series “Succession,” then you’re no stranger to the name Waystar Royco. This fictional media conglomerate is the centerpiece of the show, which revolves around the Roy family’s struggle for control of the company.

Overview Waystar Royco is a global media and entertainment conglomerate that specializes in television, film, and digital media. In addition, the company is run by the Roy family, with Logan Roy at the helm as the CEO and patriarch of the family.

The company has a complex web of subsidiaries and divisions, including news networks, theme parks, and movie studios. It is also famous for its aggressive and controversial business practices, which often put the company at odds with regulators and competitors.

Succession’s Portrayal

Critics have praised “Succession” for realistically and accurately portraying the media industry, with Waystar Royco serving as a representation of actual media conglomerates such as Fox and Disney.

The show depicts the Roy family’s internal power struggles, as various members jockey for position and control of the company. Waystar Royco’s controversial business practices and questionable ethical standards are also on full display, making the company a lightning rod for criticism and scrutiny.


To sum up, Waystar Royco is a fictional media conglomerate that serves as the backdrop for the HBO series “Succession.” The company’s intricate web of subsidiaries and divisions, as well as its aggressive business practices, make it a fascinating and often controversial subject for the show’s creators and viewers alike. As the series continues to captivate audiences, it’s clear that Waystar Royco will remain a central figure in the show’s ongoing narrative of power, wealth, and family drama.

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