Weston Estate
Weston Estate

Weston Estate is an alt band from Cary, North Carolina, that has been making waves with its lo-fi sound and eclectic personalities. Comprised of Srikar Nanduri on guitar, Manas Panchavati, Tanmay Joshi, and Marco Luka on vocals, and Abhi Manhass on production and bass, the band has gained a following for its unique approach to music and cultural influences.

Origin Story

Weston Estate’s journey began in 2017 when Abhi and Tanmay started freestyling at a Playstation party. Their creative impulse led them to record a song on Abhi’s FL studio, which sparked the beginning of the band’s journey. The first recording session was saved despite the minor obstacle of Abhi being home alone and having security cameras and a German Shepherd guarding his home. The band’s first song was a dancehall track with a Bollywood sample, and it attracted the rest of the band to join the project.

Gaining Momentum

Weston Estate’s momentum picked up in 2018 with their debut performance, which astonished them as the crowd reacted with a mosh pit to their sad songs. The band has since gained an enthusiastic grassroots fanbase, over 12 million accumulated streams, and a major label deal with Arista Records.

New Single

Weston Estate is gearing up for the big leagues with their new single, “Saturday Nights,” which showcases their talent for blending cavernous harmonies and tag team lead vocals. The song has a lowkey hip-hop beat and a mumble-sing vocal style, with lyrics that explore adolescent puppy love.


The band describes their music philosophy as “optimistic nihilism” and sees themselves as rather smart and intelligent lads. Nevertheless, they possess a sense of humor and enjoy participating in wild stunts, such as jumping off a 15-foot parking deck for entertainment.


Weston Estate is an alluring anomaly in the alt music scene, with a sound that draws from cultural influences and individual tastes. With their new single and major label deal, the band is poised for success and has already gained a dedicated fanbase.

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