Your Mom's House
Your Mom’s House

Your Mom’s House is a comedy podcast hosted by husband and wife duo Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky. The show features the couple discussing various topics related to pop culture, current events, and their personal lives. The podcast is famous for its irreverent humor, including its frequent use of scatological and sexual humor.

Format and Guests

Each episode of Your Mom’s House typically features a mix of segments, including discussions between Tom and Christina, interviews with guests, and listener-submitted content. The show often features appearances from other comedians and entertainers, such as Joey Diaz, Bill Burr, and Dr. Drew Pinsky.


One of the most popular segments on this podcast is “Try It Out,” where Tom and Christina play clips from a video series called “The Ultimate Warrior Workout” and make fun of the host’s bizarre behavior and nonsensical ramblings. Another popular segment is “Mommy or Daddy,” where the couple quizzes each other on their knowledge of various sexual fetishes and slang terms.

Live Shows

In addition to their regular podcast, Tom and Christina also perform live shows as Your Mom’s House. These shows often feature special guests and interactive segments with the audience.


Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky host Your Mom’s House, a comedy podcast known for its irreverent humor and frequent use of scatological and sexual humor. The show features a variety of segments, including interviews with guests and listener-submitted content, and often features appearances from other comedians and entertainers. The podcast has gained a dedicated following and has become a staple in the comedy podcast genre.

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